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We are committed to the promotion of mental health and wellness within Black communities through empowerment, advocacy, and mental health engagement and education. 

We believe that  Black people and communities deserve to access quality mental health and wellness services. 

Our Mission

The disparities in the mental health care field are striking. Black Americans are significantly less likely to seek therapy, and when they do, the care they receive is often worse and they are less likely to stay in therapy. Black mental health providers and those trained to provide culturally sensitive care are few and far between. These disparities are unacceptable. BARE Mental Health & Wellness provides consultation and training services to empower education, health, and community-based organizations and institutions to meet their goals related to culturally responsive and anti-racist care, recruitment, hiring and retention of a diverse workforce, as well as increasing access and persistence in healthcare engagement for patients and clients of color.  

Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide workshops and facilitate community conversations about mental health stigma, mental health and wellness, and resources for communities of color. 

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