We facilitate conversations about mental health for groups/organizations virtually and in the Boston area.   

  • Conversations

    BARE Mental Health & Wellness facilitates interactive conversations on important, but not frequently discussed mental health-related and race/racism-related topics for community groups, non-profit organizations,  student groups/organizations (high school, college, and grad school), etc. Our conversations typically are designed to include co-creation of ground rules, a brief overview of the issue, a conversation-starting activity, and ample time for group members to share experiences related to the topic through guided questions from the facilitators, and/or facilitated small breakout group discussions. Conversation topics include, but are not limited to: mental illness stigma, racial stereotypes and prejudice, and coping with racism. If your organization or group is interested in an interactive facilitated conversation, please contact us!  

  • Workshops

    BARE Mental Health & Wellness conducts workshops for community groups, non-profit organizations,  student groups/organizations (high school, college, and grad school), etc. Our workshops provide a mix of psychoeducation and experiential activities, with an opportunity for Q & A. We customize our workshops for each group/organization. Please reach out to us to discuss your group's needs. Examples of workshops we provide include but are not limited to:

    • Managing Racism-Related Stress: We aim to nourish your mind, heart, and soul with a strengths- and empowerment-based approach that focuses on not only the realities of the negative impact of racism, but also the multifaceted approaches we can use to address it in ways that are meaningful and consistent with your values. We firmly believe resisting racism is critically important, and we believe that we have to maintain our health and well-being in order to sustain the fight. Managing Racism-Related Stress workshops are typically 2 hours or a half-day (4 hours). 

    • Understanding and Reducing Stigma: Too many people in our communities suffer in silence because of the stigma surrounding mental illness. This stigma often prevents people from seeking the mental health care they need. We facilitate 1 or 2-hour workshops related to understanding and reducing mental illness stigma, particularly among Black Americans.

    • Stress Reduction and Mindfulness: We conduct 1 or 2-hour workshops on stress, general coping and stress reduction techniques, and mindfulness. These workshops include discussion of models of stress, background on coping and/or mindfulness, and an experiential stress reduction and/or mindfulness activity. 

    • Developing and Sticking to Your Self-Care Plan: We conduct 1 or 2-hour workshops on self-care. This workshop includes discussion of self-care, development of an individualized self-care plan, use of behavioral principles to encourage following through with the plan, and steps for accountability. 

  • Presentations

    BARE Mental Health & Wellness provides 1 to 2-hour presentations for community groups, non-profit organizations, student groups/organizations (high school, college, and grad school), etc. Our presentations are primarily focused on providing evidence-based, practical, and culturally-relevant information, with time allotted for a brief Q & A. Presentation topics include but are not limited to: "What is Therapy & How Can It Benefit Me?" and symptoms and treatments for mental health concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression, trauma, grief). Please contact us for more information.

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